21 Gauge brad nailers explained by mytoolkit

21 Gauge Brad Gun, Fine Head Nailing. Does What It Says!

Adding to our series of useful tool posters. This week we introduce the 21 Gauge Pinners as a source of useful information for you to save and use when the time comes to purchase a new Pin Gun.

So far we have covered the 15, 16 and 18 Gauge Nail Guns and hopefully presented sufficient information to make clear the differences between them, along with their common uses.

Hang fire staple gun users, as we will be getting to those. Meanwhile keep this poster along with your others in favourites, because you never know when you may need some guidance, in this very muddling world of Stapling and Nailing

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18 Gauge Finish Nailer! It Does What It Says. and some!

18 Gauge Finish Nailer! It Does What It Says. and some!

Continuing with our Tool Poster's this week we examine the 18 Gauge Nailer, Some would argue the most flexible of tools 

Following on from our previous Infographic's on the 15 Gauge and 16 Gauge Nailers,

18 G Air Nailer's are often referred to as Brad Nailers or Finish Nailers. They operate a finer head than the 15 and 16 G Nail Guns. 

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MyToolkit explains 16G Finish Nailers

16 Gauge Nailer. It does exactly what is says....

Following last weeks poster on the 15 Gauge Angled Finnish Nailer. Here we go with the 16 Gauge Nail Gun. Save it to your favourites, so you know what your doing the next time you need to order one.

Or indeed you need to remind yourself of this tools flexibility.  From window frames, beading, flooring, furniture manufacturing to attaching insulation and lining. 

Last week's poster/infographic also explained simply the difference between a 15 Gauge Nailer and a 16 Gauge Finish Nailer. 

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What is a 15G Brad nailer? MyToolkit explains

It does exactly what is says. The 15 gauge air nailer

Over the next few weeks you will be receiving one by one a series of posters put together to simply identify some of the  differing  Nail and Staple Guns and what they are used for.

So save this and the forthcoming posters to your favourites folder. Then next time you need a tool, some staples or nails you can be sure to know you order the correct one for the job in hand! 

A question we often get asked is:

What is the difference between 15 Gauge DA Brad Finish Nails and 16 Gauge Finish Nails?

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Arrow EBN320 R.E.D. Electric Brad Nailer

Arrow EBN320 R.E.D. Electric Brad Nailer

Welcome again to Chuck’s blog, Today, we’re having a look at the Arrow Electric Brad Nailer. I’m not a great fan of electric tools but I have to say like the ET501 Arrow Stapler this has been around a while
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