The Coil Nailer never lies! learn about the 2 different types of coil nailers from mytoolkit

The Coil Nailer never lies! 2 Categories

What is a Coil Nail Gun Used for? many of our customer ask us this. So without further ado here is the final in our Nail Gun Poster series. 

So far we have covered the 15,16 and 18 Gauge Tools, 21G and 23 Gauge Pinners, Strip Nailers along with Corrugated Fasteners. See them here in our Blogs. NB if you prefer PDF versions, then drop us a note with a request.

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Mytoolkit looks in to how safe pallets are for re use

Are Pallets Safe For Re-Use?

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Uses of old pallett wood from mytoolkit

Another Fantastic Pallet Wood Creation

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3 uses for old pallets from mytoolkit

3 Amazing Uses for Old Pallet Wood

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