An image of feather edge fences in a garden but  the nails have caused bleeding down the fences.

Stainless Steel Nails: How To Stop Fence Bleeding

When it comes to manufacturing fence panels, your nail choice is crucial. The type of nail used can impact the overall quality and durability of the fence. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of usingstainless steel nails for fencing and why galvanised/bright finish nails bleed. This information is crucial if you want to avoid being called back to rectify an old job...
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What Nail type should I use on Cedar Wood?

What Nail type should I use on Cedar Wood?

We all know that cedar is one of the more superior materials to use. Cedar thrives in humid environments, which enables it to endure a variety of conditions. In addition to this, the popularity of Cedar shows no signs of slowing. There's just one problem... The nails that you use have the power to make or break your project. 
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know more about stainless steel brads and nails

Do you really need to use Stainless Steel?

It's been a while but My Toolkit are back with another blog. This time - Stainless Steel!

Is there any better feeling than finishing a project and being proud of what you’ve created? We don’t think there is!

But what if the beautiful piece you had worked so hard on began to stain orange from rust runs…

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Fastener Matching by mytoolkit

Types of Staples and Nails and why it's important

Hi There

I just want to remind you to of a much welcomed service we offer here

Where you can easily alleviate the frustration of trying to source or match staples or nails. Example the 71 series staple which is commonly used in upholstering....

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Why should you use stainless steel staples and nails? A guide by mytoolkit

Stainless Steel Fastenings For Quality Fixing

Hope last week was a good one for you. For us with the spring virtually upon us, we have been bombarded with orders for stainless steel staples and nails. Its that time of the year! when fences and outdoor buildings are being built along with the marine folk upholstering boats, large and small. One company explained to us how they got them selves in trouble by ....
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