Festool Tools

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What is unique about Festool? 

Festool's system-based power tool design includes the use of modular plastic containers, referred to as "sustainers" Their multi-function parts incorporating guide rails usable for stationary work and guide the motion of power tools.

How long has Festool been EstablishedIn 2015 Festool celebrated their 90th anniversary!

Where are Festool tools made? The beginnings: 

Festo was a company founded by partners Albert Fezer and Gottlieb Stoll in Germany. In the early day's their focus was on repairing wood, processing machinery and making structural modifications  Between the years of1925 and 1932 the 1st company logo and tool for carpenters was born. Festool is a subsidiary of the TTS Tooltechnic Systems holding company. Known and respected for its system-based approach to power tools with a focus on dust extraction. Interesting fact: Those first tools for carpentry was developed under the first company logo "Fezer & Stoll"

Festool Toolstation: Moving through the years and with numerous tool development and successes behind them in 1993 the Festo SYSTAINER SYS Classic was launched. It was the SYSTAINER – winner of the innovation award and christened the most beautiful "toolbox" in the world! Since which it has won the hearts of ambitious tradesmen all over the world. Numerous tool launches later led to 2000 when Festo Tooltechnic becomes the independent Festool brand it is today 

Where to buy Festool tools UK?

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