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Your One-Stop-Shop for premium brands of Air, Electric, Hand Stapling and Nailing Guns. Giving you Choice! For anyone who works with wood or fabric. Comprehensive range of Nails, Staples & Pins including stainless steel.  Beyond the internet! Our customer service stands alone. Find what you need by clicking the arrow by 'Shop' above. Or use the search Bar. Unsure? Call 0333 8000 345 or Drop us a line. Next working day delivery order deadline is 3.30pm

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We know your business pain and frustration dealing with poor suppliers. With their industry jargon – they just promise and don't deliver.

At MyToolkit we talk your language- with over 50 years of industry experience our in house experts will advise which stapler or nailer you require saving your business time and money.

As an accredited supplier for all the major brands such as Stanley Bostitch, Senco, BEA, Tacwise and many more we can give impartial advice on a wealth of tools and have nearly 200 informative videos on our Youtube channel. Like and Subscribe

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Looking to update your caravan furnishings? Spruce-up the boat? Itching to spend Sunday in your home workshop? Up-cycle that great piece of furniture you found?

Struggle no more! At MyToolkit, we give truly impartial advice, because we have over 50 years of experience with all the famous brand staplers and nailers along with the fasteners to fit. We listen to you, making sure that you are guided to the product you actually need! We’ve even developed an "easy kit" with exactly what a new starter needs.

Hover on the product tab (above) select DIY then your project...........and see what we can do for you. Still Unsure? Call 0333 8000 345 or Subscribe to our Youtube channel.













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This site is set up for you to easily purchase your air, hand or electric staple or nail gun along with your fasteners. But if you are still unsure then call us on 0333 8000 345, or ask a question on our Contact form. Not ready to purchase? Sign up for updates and interesting tips for your industry or home improvements findings and see our updates as well.

Who uses these tools: Because we hold stocks of all the famous brands. We cater for likes of the home upholsterer or DIY enthusiast right through to innovative businesses of today, untangling the confusion around the industry.

As we are accredited to supply the major brands. Our we can offer impartial, yet specialist advice on staple guns, nail guns and related staples and nails. Whether you require a coil nailer, upholstery stapler, brad nailer, corrugated fastener or a headless pinner we have over 50 years of experience in the industry. So we know a bit about staples and nails! enabling us to be able to guide you through what sometimes can be a confusing haze.

Staple guns, nail guns, finish nailers, framing nailers, headless pinners; do they put your head in a spin? Then read some of Chuck’s informative blogs, where you can or browse through information and where hopefully you can clear up any frustration and confusion. We hold large stocks of coil nails, 2nd fix finish nails, upholstery staples, headless pins which can be supplied in a galvanised or stainless steel finish. Confused about what you need? We have a nail gun and staple gun expert who can offer you specialilst advice. So....

Need help: ASK Chuck  is where you can use the form to contact us about any queries you may have. Or call us on 0333 8000 345. Or if you require bulk order pricing.

Got some fastening codes but still unsure: Branding code and unsure of its sizing generally. See our fastener matchpage where you will find a useful chart

Don’t know which staples or nails you need: ASK CHUCK Fastener Match Service set up so you can send a sample of your nail, staple, brad or pin and we will match it for correct sizing