71 Series Staple Gun (3-16mm)

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See the very well costed Tacwise tool here. It is this tools equivalent yet can be used for professional use too. 

This 71 Series Stapler (3-16mm) provides you with .....

A great start…

This is the perfect tool for you upholstering beginners, hobbyists, and non-regular users. The air-powered 71 Series is without doubt the most popular series in the stapling industry and this great little upholstery tool will allow you to get used to the Series without investing a lot of money into a branded tool. Important: this is a copy of the BeA stapler, if you want the BeA 71 series model then see it here.

Though it is rather basic, it still performs well for light duty upholstering work, and is particularly good for car door trimmings! This tool is NOT suitable for heavy duty or industrial applications and would not be suited for professional users. This stapler drives staples from 3mm through to 16mm in length, and we have four staple finishes available including Stainless Steel which can be found here. There is also three month warranty that comes with the tool on the off-chance there are any issues with it.

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Check out our video on this value for money tool down below!

 71 Series Stapler
  • Trigger: Single Shot
  • Nose length - 1 inch/25.4mm
  • Air Operated 
  • Width-Depth-Height: 218 x 43 x 150mm (Approx)
  • Weight: 0.9 kg (Approx)
  • Load Capacity: 180 Staples (Approx)
  • PSI 70-90 (Approx)
  • Fastener Type: 71 Series
  • Fastener Length: 3mm - 16mm
  • Carry Case Included: No (Box)
  • Powered By: Compressor
  • Warranty: 3 Months
  • General Upholstery and re-upholstery
  • Attaching wire mesh netting to wood
  • Coffin linings
  • Exhibition/show upholstery
  • Insulation and lining
  • Office screens
  • Pelmets, blinds and awnings
  • Theatre and film scenery
  • Window display/shop fitting
  • Door Cards