Bambi BB8 Compressor - Silent Air - Budget Range

Bambi BB8 Compressor - Silent Air - Budget Range (9 Litres, 0.5 HP)

Brand: Bambi

Colour - Green and White


  • Output = 50lpm at free air
  • Max Duty Cycle - 50% (output figures must be halved to attain actual output)
  • Maximum Pressure = 8bar/120psi, Volts/Hz = 220-240/50 or 110/60
  • Air Reciever = 9 litre
  • dB(A) = 40

Ideal for upholstery for use with an air tool

Details: The Bambi BB8 Silent Compressor is an oil-filled budget compressor for light use, which produces ultra-low noise when in use.

It is fully automatic, comes with a 3-year receiver warranty, 10-micron airline filter, adjustable pressure regulator, high clarity receiver and outlet pressure regulator.