Haubold 1400 (14 Series) Fine Wire Upholstery Staples (10k)

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HAUBOLD 14 Series (1400) 14mm Staples (1414)

These now discontinued staples are a rare find in the United Kingdom. Initially manufactured in Sweden by Haubold, the 1400 14 Series staples are no longer exported to the UK and so a flight to Sweden would be the only way to source them... Until now.

We have very limited stock of HAUBOLD 1414 staples (14 Series 14mm). The tools that use these, including the PN 1414 G 50 L, are also no longer manufactured but those who own or have owned a Haubold tool will know they're real power-houses and last YEARS!

Please also note that if you require a different leg length to 14mm, we can source them from an alternate manufacturer, just drop us a line at and we can quote. 


Only while stocks last!

NB These staples are used in 14 series fine wire upholstery staplers - not to be confused with a 14 series wide crown stapler which is used for woodworking.

Once purchased this product is exempt from returns as per our returns policy due to their basement price.