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3 Amazing Uses for Old Pallet Wood

 3 Amazing Uses for Old Pallet Wood

Hi, my name is Teigan and I'm the newest member of the Mytoolkit team:). 


I've always loved the idea of taking something old and turning it into something new, for me it’s like at the beginning of the year when you make a resolution (but always end up breaking it). In that short amount of time, it doesn't matter how big or small your resolution is - it will always change you in some way. It could be that you decide to quit smoking, the result of that will be that your health will be in a much better place and obviously that will have a huge effect on your appearance, or maybe it could be that you decided to stop biting your nails and now you have strongest, healthiest nails there is! Again that will have a positive effect on how you see yourself.

My point is everything can be improved or made better in some way, no matter the shape or form and once you’ve made that change there’s no better feeling. I don’t think that there is a more perfect example of an ugly duckling's transformation into a beautiful swan than pallet wood (metaphorically speaking, of course).

Pallets are such an easy way to upcycle and you can make some truly amazing things and most importantly - everything is bespoke.


Credit to: http://projectnursery.com/2014/06/diy-how-to-build-a-pallet-wall

Even though we as humans tend to overlook the full potential of an ordinary pallet, they are not at all uncommon to come across as they provide many uses to our everyday life. Whether it’s importing, exporting or national deliveries, pallets will have been used somewhere in the process. Though the sad truth is once they’ve been used for heavy lifting and things like that, people usually just abandon them. Purely because they failed to see the full potential of an ordinary pallet, not realising that they have 1001+ different uses.

I would strongly recommend swallowing your pride for those who struggle with it, get down to any local industrial estates or businesses and please don’t be afraid to ask!!! After all… waste not, want not. You can also purchase pallet wood from places eBay or gumtree for very reasonable prices

That’s where the change and transformation comes in because after today unlike the rest you’ll actually be able to see the potential of the average pallet in the most creative way, and that my friend is a true gift.

Pallet Wall

Credit to: http://www.1001pallets.com/2015/12/pallet-wall-7/

You can upgrade an old, drab wall with a pallet board wall. It’s an amazing idea if your just looking for some unique ways to improve your home also it’s a smart idea if you don’t have pictures to hang but want to add interest to a room – and it’s a lot cooler than a coat of colourful paint for a feature wall. It brings a kind of modern rustic effect, creating a vibrant and warm feeling to your home.

Pallet Bench

Pallet bench covered

Credit to: http://diypalletfurniture.net/pallet-sofas/classic-terrace-with-pallets-and-colors/

This pallet sofa for outdoor lounging is quite the step up from your everyday basic garden bench. It adds a certain cosy feel to your garden, amazing for summer time and entertaining guests. Little tip – paint the pallet wood either black or white this will allow for any colour fabric (pillows) décor, making it easy to switch up colours depending on your mood because let’s face it - a girl’s got to have a bit of colour in her life.

Pallet Playhouse Bed

Credit to: http://www.availableideas.com/17-fabulous-diy-pallet-projects-for-kids/

As a child this would have been my dream – a bed and a Wendy house in one? All my Christmases would have come at once! And to think that this is just a couple of pallets and a mattress, pretty awesome if you ask me. This is the perfect gift for a Christmas or birthday, It’s also a great project for parents-to-be or an amazing play room idea. All you’ll need is a few pallets and a coil nailer or screw gun! 

When it comes to what you can do with pallet wood, the list is honestly endless. The more you realise you can literally make anything with pallets the better your ideas become, amazing for people with spare time and determination or just show-offs in general that just like something to brag about.

If this blog was of any inspiration to you and now you’re just so eager to get online and research about pallets & the things that you could make, my advice to you would be to create a Pinterest account! There are some truly amazing ideas & tutorials enough to inspire anyone.  1001pallets.com is also a great source of tutorials with 1001+ to choose from!

Bye guys!


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