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Types of Staples and Nails and why it's important

Posted by Steve Pollock on June 09, 2017 . 0 Comments

Hi There

I just want to remind you to of a much welcomed service we offer here

Where you can easily alleviate the frustration of trying to source or match staples or nails. Example the 71 series staple which is commonly used in upholstering, can carry one of the following codes, dependent on the manufacturer: 

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Slightly Adventurous Outdoor Garden Ideas - How to's

Posted by Steve Pollock on June 09, 2017 . 0 Comments

Hello there

In keeping with our audience being varied with what they do. This weeks blog is about some fabulous ideas I have come across over the last couple of weeks. Which can be utilised in your own home - well to be more precise in the garden.

First up: 15 steps to building an outside bar. This does require some considerable skills, but is a nice result for any garden. Would sit very well next to your BBQ.

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9 Stylish Black Kitchen Designs. Put you off white?

Posted by Steve Pollock on May 26, 2017 . 0 Comments

Hi there

Black or white? or one of the rainbow of colours/shades on offer? how will it all look ? what colours coordinate? whats in a colour family? Decisions decisions! Clever design is the foundation of any colour combination we settle for and that's the clever bit......

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Just how many Stapler & Nailer brands do you want!

Posted by Steve Pollock on May 26, 2017 . 1 Comment

Arrow, Rapid, Bostitch, Senco,Tacwise, Omer, BeA, Josef Khilberg, Spot Nails = 9

Hello again

Yes just how many brands do we need??? 

Is 9  excessive? could we make life easier? (for us!).  As you are most likely aware, we are authorised to supply all of the premium brands named above. Which at times, can seem to be a bit of a handful. Especially in view of the fact that across these brands, we deal with Hand, Electric and Air staple Guns, Gas Nailers as well as Air Nail Guns and often cherry pick what we know will be the very best tools for our customers.

Oh and then there's the fasteners........

Examples include: 23 Gauge Headless pins, leg lengths range from 12mm through to 28 mm. Available in 3 finishes: Liqour, Galvanizsed or Stainelss Steel.

71 Series leg lengths from 3mm to 16mm. Finish options: Galvanised. Stainless Steel and Black....

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Know your Nailers, Pinners and Brad Guns

Posted by Steve Pollock on May 12, 2017 . 0 Comments

Understand about Finish Nailers, Brad Guns Pin Guns and more

Hello there

Unsure what the weather was like for you this week, but here at Stapling and Nailing City (Stoke on Trent!) it was glorious sunshine for most of it. 

Prepare your self for a TOOL FEST!

This week in view of the many questions we get asked about the all and ever confusing world of Coil Nailers, Strip Nailers, Brad Guns, Finish Nailers and Headless Pinners. Take a look at  this video,  I created it, because I think it should help guide you through the fog ! Let us know what you think.

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Trends for Flooring Styles in 2017

Posted by Steve Pollock on May 05, 2017 . 0 Comments

Hello there

Hoping your short week went well. Ours here at Stapling and Nailing Towers was extremely busy again, but we're certainly not complaining 😌

You might not think that the world of flooring can change that much in twelve months, but believe us; things are looking a little different for 2017. So to keep you at the top of your game, here are our top flooring trends to look out for next year.

When youve done that fantastic job, why not get two little helpers like these 😸
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Know 4 Useful Design Tips. From MyToolKit

Posted by Steve Pollock on April 28, 2017 . 0 Comments

Hello again

Well the 1st 5 day week, since Easter weekend (its been a busy one!) and we here at MyToolKit are certainly looking forward to yet another long weekend 😊 Guessing you are too.

This week, I thought the following articles might be useful for work or/and home. We really enjoy learning about colours and shades here. Essential when it comes to design and build. One to watch, if you manage a website, is 'website colour schemes that convert'

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3 Interesting Trends for Joiners this year

Posted by Steve Pollock on April 21, 2017 . 0 Comments

Hello there.

Hoping the week has gone well for you and that your customers are happy with your good work.

This week, I thought I would keep to the recent themes of ‘Industry Fashions’ for joiners and related specialists including interior designers. Or if you are working on your own home and like to keep abreast of how things ‘look’ NB take note of the PS at the end of this blog. It will make you cringe😵  but it is a very important safety message

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