There are 3 common types of strip nails 34 degree paper/ tape collated*, 22 degree plastic collated and 34 degree wire collated. The only differences are the tools that they fire through.

There are also different textures of strip nail (to make is even more confusing!!) that give different levels of holding power. There is “ring” or “ribbed” shank which has the best holding power. It has small grooves along the length of the nail which helps it grip into the wood. There is also “screw” shank which also has extra holding power and has a slight screw-like texture which grips into the wood. Gas and other cordless strip nailers may sometimes have difficulty firing a larger ring or screw shank nail into wood – especially if it is very hard or dry wood. “Plain” or “smooth” shank nails are ideal for this. They have a smooth finish and because of the size of the nail, there is plenty of holding power with just the nail.

*Collated is how the strip of nails is held together