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Stainless Steel 23 Gauge Headless Pins, 18 Gauge and 21 Gauge Brads, 16 Gauge and 15 Gauge Finish Nails and Coil Nails. Highly suitable for outdoor furnishings. Examples include: boat refurbishment, as stainless steel is an ideal corrosion-resistant material to use. Also highly suited for fixing hard and tropical woods Examples: accoya, cedar, oak, redwood or where ever the wood has a high level of tannin, which will react with other metals when exposed. Stainless steel  reduces corrosion and rust runs and produces a high quality looking finish.The standard we supply is highly appropriate for these environments as it meets Grade 304. Making these high quality finish nails, coil nails headless pins and brads a good sound practical choice for most environments. The use of Stainless Steel Pins, Brads and Nails  reduces corrosion and rust runs producing a nice looking finish, that lasts. Select size and type, to see more. Unsure ? Call 0333 8000 345. Or drop a note here