Staples for hand, air and electric light duty staplers. Includes staple types: 13 Series, 71 Series, 80 Series and 140 Series staples.50 and 53

13 Series staples are very fine wire staples for use in hand staplers e.g. The Rapid R21.

71 and 80 Series Staples are both for pneumatic staplers. The 71 Series staple is slightly thinner than the 80 Series. (80 Series are 22 gauge and 71 Series are 23 gauge) The 71 Series also have a smaller crown width (approx 9mm on 71 Series, 12.8mm on 80 Series.)

140 Series Staples can be used in pneumatic, electric and hand staplers. They have a flat wire which is great for upholstering with fine fabrics as the flat wire prevents the staple crown breaking through the fabric. Need advice? Ask for one of our experts on 0333 8000 345 or drop us a line.