Rapid A Swedish company which has been in the industry 80 years. Having an experienced  background they offer professional tools for the home and industrial environment. Their ease of use tools has had an influence in 120 countries globally.They even have wholly owned subsidiaries in Europe and Asia for the production process. Rapid’s main goal is to have reliable tools, in ensuring this; they monitor and regulate the whole value chain from the beginning to the end product. Rapid’s attitude to their products is about quality, simplicity, innovation and efficiency. They tend to call their way of performing ‘Svensk Effixity’.- Swedish efficient fixing simplicity.  Great offer, just add any Rapid Alu Hand Stapler to the cart and you will automatically receive a high quality Staple Remover, free of charge. Full price £17.99 and this professional tool is highly suitable for unpicking most staples out of fabric. Models included in this fabulous deal are: ALU900 (13 series) ALU940 (140 Series) ALU953 (53 Series) These new Alu staple guns are perfect for strain free stapling, the range has been made in consultation with physiotherapists. Scroll down to see the 1st 3 in this collection