21 Gauge Brad Gun, Fine Head Nailing. Does What It Says!

September 29, 2017

21 Gauge brad nailers explained by mytoolkit

Adding to our series of useful tool posters. This week we introduce the 21 Gauge Pinners as a source of useful information for you to save and use when the time comes to purchase a new 21 Gauge Brad Nailer.

So far we have covered the 15, 16 and 18 Gauge Nail Gunsand hopefully presented sufficient information to make clear the differences between these three, along with their common uses.

Hang fire Staple Gun Users 👍  we will be getting to you just as soon as we finished publishing the Nail Gun Infographics Series. Meanwhile keep this poster along with the others in  favourites, because you never know when you may need some direction - in this very muddling world of Stapling and Nailing.


Before looking at the 21 Gauge Brad Gun Poster. You may need to be clear on the difference between  21 Gauge Brads and 23 Gauge Pins. If you need a reminder, observe this 2 minute video below:

compare 21 gauge and 23 gauge pins

21 Gauge Nail Gun

Our range of 21 Gauge Pinners have been carefully selected, so you the customer is always presented with good brand choice, based on variation of uses along with quality

For this particular pinner they are:

Until next time, take care and hope this tool information is of considerable use... 

As always let me know, if there are any Tool or Fastener issues you would like us to examine, and we'll see what we can do.

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