An explanation of hand, air and electric staplers infographic from mytoolkit

3 staple gun types - Easy to follow guide

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Hope your week has gone swimmingly and that 2017 has got off to a decent start. Unsure about you but we are feeling shattered, even with such a short week!

During which the folk here have been working on yet another infographic in an attempt to keep everyone informed of the different types of fixing tools there are and what they are capable of. This is what we are known for and makes us different in this business, we do our best to clear up confusion.  

We get asked the following question's on a regular basis.

Do I need an electric, air or hand stapler ? Just these 3 options can cause buying dilemmas: 

Confusion demystified - 'easy guide' to keep you informed of the different staple gun types. You can right click the image (Infographic as I keep getting corrected on here!) You can save it and print it for later if you wish. You can even share it!

Look out for the next in this series, it will be about suggested uses for staple gun types.


Until next time, keep busy and remember you can always give us a shout on 0333 8000 345 or email us at  for further clarification about anything stapling and nailing.

Have a great weekend and a productive week ahead


Chuck the staple and nail gun expert

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