3 tool categories: Headless Pinner, Fine wire and Narrow Crown

3 tool categories: Headless Pinner, Fine wire and Narrow Crown

This week I thought I would create one of those Infographics again.So you can, save, share or print out to follow.

People have been messaging me to say they are finding these images easier to follow than written instructions. Causes me some head scratching, but never mind.

Now be clear about what a Headless Pinner, Fine Wire Staple gun and Narrow Crown Stapler does along with the why's and how's. Along with which fastenings are generally used with each tool type.

Should be easier to follow than any other information you can find, but as usual, please let me know if you have any suggestions......

 Our range of Fine Wire Staplers includes various quality brands 

Arrrow Tacwise and Bostitch Headless Pinners 

Narrow Crown Staplers supplied are the popular brands: Josef Khilberg, Stanley Bostitch, BEA and Stanley Bostitch. 

Hope all this has helped if not for now, ready for the next time you need to order a tool. I shall be putting together some others in the near future. Covering Brad Nailer's and Finish Nailer's. So keep watching 

Until next time - keep productive!

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