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4 Upholsterers Top Trends

Fluorescent pinks and pastel blues and greens will get a modern twist

New year, new styles and lots of new trends for upholsters to look forward to. From colours and patterns to materials and styles, it really is set to be a lot of fun for upholsterers everywhere, so check out our top trend predictions below to prepare you for the exciting year ahead.

Bold Patterns

Think back to 1980s bold patterns and bright colours, this will be a big upholstery trend in the coming year, and one which is aimed at bringing a bit of brightness and excitement back to your house. Fluorescent pinks and pastel blues and greens will get a modern twist and take on the 80’s style.

4 Upholsterers Top Trends For 2018

Textured Velvet

A stunning trend, and something a little bit different, textured velvet is the next big material for sofas and armchairs . Soft, nice to touch and with a bit of interest, this almost quilted material is really something different.


Soft, versatile, comfortable and available in most colours, suede is a safe bet for the 2018 upholstery world. Not all trends have to be ground breaking, or out of the box and suede certainly isn’t either; it’s neutral, it’s classy and it’s here to stay.

Natural Colours

The top colour trends for upholsterers are all inspired by the natural world. We’ll be seeing lots of kale and peony, which will slowly transition to darker greens and pinks over the course of the year. The 2017 Pantone Colour of the Year was Greenery, a vibrant green and we expect to still see a similar colour, inspired by nature.

Hope this article is of some use to you creative upholsterers, designers and home improvers out there.

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