Upholstery Frustration Stapling

Upholstery Frustration Stapling

Hi, it’s Chuck here!! (The guru from Stapling and Nailing Supplies)

We get a lot of enquiries from people who would like to take up upholstery as a hobby, or maybe a small business start-up, and you know what? They all have 3 things in common – 1. frustration, 2. frustration, and 3. AHHHH FRUSTRATION!!


You see, they may well have attended upholstery classes and are absolutely bursting at the seams to apply their new-found trade of furniture transformation. They know they need, ideally, an air stapler, compressor and air line (not forgetting the correct staples!!) to get up and running. The frustration starts when searching the internet and it becomes quite overwhelming trying to find which stapler to use or what compressor will do the job etc. Grrrrrrrr…. it’s just frustrating!

Well here at MTK HQ, we’ve put together stapler and compressor kits to hopefully address this common frustration – we call them easy kits!

Let me address a few points that you need to follow:

The Stapler

Ideally, you will require an air operated fine wire stapler which are very quick to operate, more reliable, will easily put the staple in hardwoods and above all will alleviate the muscular stresses involved when using conventional hand-operated and electric staplers. Hand operated staplers tend to struggle penetrating hardwoods (and hand pressure has to be applied by yours truly) and in some instances, you might have to tap the staples home with a hammer afterwards. So an air operated staple gun is obviously more ideal.

Senco Upholstery Stapler

Air Compressor

This does not have to be very large to power the fine wire upholstery stapler and if you stick to a more portable compressor then you can move it readily around your home or workshop and, if necessary, take it in the car on tour to those relatives whom wish to see your new-found skills!!

We have ideal sized   Air Compressors which will give you adequate supply of air for your artistic adventures.

Air Line

An air line of 5 Metres is more than ideal (Approx. 15 feet in old money) and fitted with quick release couplings so you can disconnect from the compressor making moving of the compressor much less cumbersome.More importantly, at the business end, removal of the stapler from air line to lubricate the tool and (even more importantly) to safely remove any staple jams. 

I hope this has been of some value and I will cover points in more detail over the coming months. Don’t forget to subscribe and get this weekly blog automatically every Friday to your inbox.

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Until next time – Happy Creativity!!

Take care

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Hi there I’m looking for a compressor and a staple gun with a airline could you please help…


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