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Today, I have a very unique insight to a brand new fresh off the block stapler produced by Arrow – the PT50 and, I believe, their very first air powered stapler.

The T50 (140 series) staple is more of a flat wire which helps to prevent the staple cutting through the fabric like some fine wire staplers and I can see this being very popular for saddles, fine fabrics, bike seating, breathable membrane in the construction industry etc etc.

This tool fits a niche market because for years the T50 (140 Series) staple has only been fired through either hand or electric staplers and we all frustratingly know the problems trying to drive staples home in hardwoods.

Well bingo!! Here it is – the air operated T50 staple gun. See my my findings when put on the air line for the very first time.

Arrow T50

First impressions – good weight, slightly heavier than a lot of staplers (Approx 1 kilogram) but certainly not a problem. Unlike a lot of upholstery/fabric staplers it has a safety fitted on the nose so you cannot accidentally fire the stapler until full contact is made with the work surface. The safety arm is just in front of the nose so it may take a little practice to visually predict where you are stapling. Just as a trial I stapled as close as I could with safety arm on edge of work surface and the staple was approx. 6mm from that point.

Loading of staples is very simple but when closing, a lever has to be operated to allow full closure. (Some tools will just snap shut in one single push) Having said that the lever is easily operated with the trailing fingers on the operating/grip hand and magazine is very secure.

The top exhaust is sometimes not preferred by users (including myself) as exhausting air may irritate the operator’s eyes especially when using in confined spaces, however they have fitted an exhaust deflector which can direct the air away from the face – one must protect one’s hair style! Whilst I still have some that is!

Some professionals may wish to rapid fire moving the stapler along the work surface just pulling the trigger but I found the safety arm was catching on the previous staple. Of course you can bump fire (Hold trigger and offer tool to work surface to operate) not as fast but an option.

All in all, I was due to post another blog this week but when Steve (the gaffer – more about him later) brought the first batch in I had to put down my brew and comment on my findings. I think this tool is excellent value for the money and definitely covers a need in the market.

Chuck rating 3.5

I give this tool a 3.5 Chuck Star Rating. Would have pushed for 4 stars but the safety on the nose can inhibit speed of use – I feel it would have been better to use a trigger safety system. More on safety systems in future blogs. Tool can be seen on our site.

140 series staples are here . The 140 series staples in stainless steel are here

Until next time – Happy Stapling!

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