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Stanley Bostitch BF33-2 Battery Framing Nailer

Hi, Chuck again,

Just received the new BF33-2 Battery Framing Nailer from Stanley Bostitch and thought I’d let you in on my findings. This tool gives you the freedom associated with gas-powered nailers but without the expense of purchasing gas fuel cells and don’t forget the saving on regular service and cleaning required for smooth operation of the gas tools!!

Stanley Bostitch Battery Powered 1st Fix Nailer

The BF33-2 being used for stud work

The tool comes in the regular robust Stanley Bostitch tool case which gives proper protection, two Li-ion Batteries and charger. First impression is the weight of the tool approx. 3.6 Kg a little heavier than the gas counterparts but then this tool is totally different.

It takes the same nail as the gas and air operated versions34 Degree Paper Collated Nails from 2.8 – 3.3mm thickness and 50 – 90mm in length, ideal for all your 1st fix joinery requirements.

A belt/rafter hook can be rotated to either side of the tool but be warned if using as a belt hook the weight is more likely to de-bag yourself!! Smile for the camera. :D

When you’ve retrieved the said clothing and recovered from the chuckles of laughter, you can then look into the other features.

It has a dry fire lock out (Doesn’t fire blanks……..stop smiling this is a tool review) Basically when you get down to the last 7 – 9 nails the tool requires loading again to continue.

There’s a trigger lock to disable the tool when not in use but a feature I really liked was the quick unlock and swivel removal of the magazine for clearing jams.

Steve (the gaffer) has featured in the following video a more visual explanation and trial……….Take a look.

Well the tool performed really well and I must admit I had reservations over the firing home of 90mm Ring Shank nails. If you use the 3.1 in thickness nail as we did then it coped more than adequately for this purpose.

A tool that ticks a lot of boxes:

  1. Portability
  2. Saving on Gas Fuel Cells
  3. Saving on servicing/cleaning costs
  4. Takes same nail as gas tool counterparts
  5. High capacity Li-ion battery technology

Chuck rating 4

Stanley Bostitch have come up with a great tool – whether you need a 1st fix nailer with portability or are ready to upgrade to this latest technology then this is the tool for you and I think this tool deserves a 4 Star Chuck Star Rating.

Until next time.

Take care,

chuck blue

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Chuck thumbs up

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