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Senco FinishPro 35Mg Review

Hi Chuck again,

We’re having a look today at a Senco angled 2nd fix finish nailer ideal for architrave, skirting, door frames, window casings etc.

Senco FinishPro 35Mg

Nice tool with a good feel (about 2Kg in weight) has alot of the standard features we are accustomed to seeing on tools these days – back in my day your hammer either had a rubber grip or not… times have changed…..Anyway features such as exhaust deflector, adjustable depth of drive, easy clear front latch, single or multi shot, no mar tip (plastic fitment on end of safety to stop marking soft wood surfaces) tool lock out meaning tool will not fire if there is no fasteners in the feed magazine and not to forget on this model….

Air blow feature!!!

Steve (the gaffer) shows it in the video basically by pressing a button on the head of the connected tool you can direct air just like a blow gun. A clumsy feature which I feel encourages waving a potentially loaded nail gun connected to an air line………not in my opinion Senco’s greatest moment!!

But I like the innovative thought pattern.

The fasteners are 15 Gauge 34 Degree Angled DA Brads firing sizes from 32mm to 64mm in length. The D stands for D shaped head on the nail and is shown in the following video clip.

Overall a nice professional tool with the angled magazine giving easier access into confined areas. Whether you are a devout Senco user or are new to the trusted brand of Senco (and may possibly be tempted to look at more competitively priced alternatives) It is, of course, your personal preference but I know if you take this tool, you won’t be disappointed and I’m giving it a 4 Star Chuck Rating even if I don’t like the air blow feature. :)

Chuck rating 4

Until next time.

Take care,

chuck blue

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