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Trusty 14 Series Framing Stapler

Hi, Chuck again with another tool review. This time the Trusty 14/50 Framing Stapler.

These staplers work in a tough environment. (Similar to our workshop sometimes…) Building framework such as pub seating and chair/ settee framework. There are budget tools that do the job however, due to the harsh environment they have limitations. There are also the Premium tools which are better suited for this type of workload, but come with a rather hefty pricetag!!

Until now we haven’t had anything that can have this durability with such a competitive price…………Until now!!

It’s a great tool weighing in at a nicely balanced 2.3Kg and taking the very durable and strong 14 Series staples from 25-50mm in leg length. They have a 10.7mm crown and are a 16 Gauge wire.

Trusty Heavy Wire Stapler

Features of the tool include:

  1. Quick release nose plate for clearing fastener jams.
  2. Single shot/Multi shot triggers
  3. Movable exhaust deflector
  4. Adjustable depth of drive

The quick release nose plate is nicely designed and is just a spring loaded trigger as opposed to the more conventional allen bolts or spring lever. Having said that the adjustable depth of drive does require undoing an allen bolt on the nose of the safety arm – where other tools have a simple adjustable wheel near the trigger.

In fairness this type of stapler isn’t normally used in applications where depth of drive is essential but can be adjusted as and when. (e.g for trellis work)

The gaffer, Steve has just done this intro video on the said tool…..

Chuck rating 4.5

In summary, a great tool, very well made and will give you great service and It’s not very often you find a good quality tool at such a competitive price. For these reasons I give it a generous 4 1/2 Chuck Stars.

Until next week and our awaited feature on types of nails………Great stuff eh……………I bet you won’t be able to sleep a wink in anticipation :)

Until my next written masterpiece,

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