Mytoolkit review for the Senco Fusion – Nail Guns of the Future!

Senco Fusion – Nail Guns of the Future!

Senco Fusion – Nail Guns of the Future

Nail guns of the future, today! Well, these tools are a real treat – great portability, no gas to refill and the performance of an air tool.

Just to explain the tool function – it has a permanent charge of dry nitrogen gas at a pressure of 130 psi and the li-ion battery is used to power a rack and pinion to reset the driver after firing. No air….no additional gas….no problem.

senco fusion nail gun evolution

Gas tools have all those niggly limitations especially around gas refills….do you have enough for the job? Is the gas O.K. (shelf life)? Is the tool clean and serviced? By the time you’ve sorted everything out, you’ve turned up on site and you’ve forgotten your butties!!………perish the thought!

Great for onsite work – we recently (approx. 6 months ago) had one of our joinery customers wanting to replace their gas operated 1.8G gas nailer. They invested in the Senco Fusion and haven’t looked back. The tool has saved: money on gas refills, downtime for cleaning/service and more importantly for them, very, very RELIABLE.

Happy Days!!

Senco Fusion Nail Guns

The range is now varied 1.8G, 1.6G straight & angled and 1.5G angled so you have the tool that suits all your 2nd fix requirements. Li-ion battery with LED charge indicator which has a full recharge time of 45 minutes or 15 minutes for 80% charge – Full charge gives approx. 600 shots.

The tool has a switch to turn off – set at single shot mode or bump fire – the tool now also has a feature that shuts down the tool if left on for 35 minutes without any usage – saving battery life.

It has lots of the standard features:

  • Reversible Belt Hook
  • Adjustable depth of drive
  • LED work light
  • Alarm clock/Snooze button
  • TV Remote Control
  • Cold drink dispenser

Apologies just getting carried away with my imagination…. Talking of imagination extreme – Steve (the gaffer) has done the following tool video… one minute he thinks he is Tom Hanks…..and now Billy Connolly……you judge!


Investment in this tool is a smart move and is one I would personally choose to put in my tool kit …..really strange writing that phrase without the afterwards….

Chuck rating 4

Great tool for work on site, well worth the money and I shall give it a rather worthy rating of 4 Chuck Stars.

Until next weeks revelations,

Take care,

chuck blue

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Chuck thumbs up

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Hi, I was wondering if there any dealers in the uk for the senco F16a/s as I would like to purchase one but also want to try it out first


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