Arrow EBN320 R.E.D. Electric Brad Nailer

Arrow EBN320 R.E.D. Electric Brad Nailer


This tool ha snow unfortunately been discontinued by the manufacturer - but to see our range of 18G Brad Nailers, go to:

Welcome again to Chuck’s blog,

Today, we’re having a look at the Arrow Electric Brad Nailer. I’m not a great fan of electric tools but I have to say like the ET501 Arrow Stapler this has been around a while and it get’s my big thumbs up. They’ve really hit the nail on the head with this one !

Big thumbs up

The tool is ideal for people who do not have a compressed air supply or require that ease of portability. Great for the Pro, DIY guru (or novice) – or what does come to mind – Flooring Contractors. Great for pinning the expansion bead to skirting, there are Electric Brad Nailers out there stating that they can fire pins up to 30mm but they lack power in putting the pin home and as this is designed to fire a pin up to 50mm.

Arrow EBN320 18G Brad Nailer

First Impression

It’s not the smallest of tools but then, it needs the power!! So contrary to what I have always advocated – Size really does matter!

Nice soft rubber grip and plenty of room for those of you with big hands………you know, the type of guy you NEVER argue with.

on/off switch


  • Fires 1.8G Brads up to a maximum length of 50mm.
  • Sliding Side loading magazine which is just like the many air operated tools.
  • Adjustable depth of drive which is a little clumsy to operate but is satisfactory.
  • Standard Contact Safety mechanism.
  • Spring loaded nose plate for clearing fasteners jams.
  • LED Guide light.
  • Power cord is a respectable 3 Mtrs.
  • Rotating belt hook for ease of carrying.
  • Rear on/off power switch.


I’m very impressed with the power available. If the tool won’t fire the pin home – what’s the point? Steve has shown in the video that in soft wood the tool can adequately fire home the maximum 50mm 1.8G Brad – of course this will vary when using harder woods.

Overall Impression

A superior portable tool with a great fastener range – and I have always preferred the 1.8G Brad as the most universal fastener in any workshop.

Chuck rating 4

Complete in it’s custom moulded case this would be a great asset to any Pro or Hobby enthusiast and I think it deserves a creditable 4 Star Chuck Rating.

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