Tacwise KDH90V Framing Nailer

March 04, 2016

Tacwise 1st Fix strip nailer KDH90V tool review from mytoolkit

This week let’s have a look at the Tacwise KDH90V Framing Nailerused for 1st Fix joinery – Construction, Decking, Fencing, Timber Framing, Roofing etc.

KDH90V Strip Nailer

First Impression.

A Framing Nailer (sometimes referred to as Strip Nailers and Stick Nailers) has the power to drive home 34 degree paper collated clipped head nails from 50mm – 90mm in length.

The sheer power of this nailer gives outstanding performance and reliability whether you’re building timber frame buildings or general 1st fix Joinery this tool will be ideal for a wide variety of application needs.


  • Fires paper collated 34 degree clipped head nails from 50mm – 90mm in length.
  • Adjustable depth of drive.
  • Soft rubber safety grip.
  • Adjustable single/multi shot trigger.
  • High capacity nail magazine.
  • Adjustable exhaust port.
  • Non marking foot.

Chuck rating 4
A pretty straight forward tool to use and will save lots of time if you’ve got to drive in a number of medium to large nails. This model gets a 4 Star Star Chuck Rating and gives good value for money.

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