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Levine Art

March 04, 2016

Happy Friday Folks!

Chuck is having a blog free Friday – so today you’ve got MyToolkit’s 2nd best expert, Chloe, with a brand new blog feature.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to staples, nails and pins – but one application that will undoubtedly catch anyone’s eye is the wonderful creations by Levine Art.

horse picture

A very different type of nail art

Yes, you guessed it – that is a picture created entirely with nails by artist Marcus Levine. He creates these fantastic images totally by hand using loose nails. His talent is completely phenomenal and totally unique. It’s mind boggling how someone can create something totally extraordinary from something as boring and normal as a nail.

Mr Levine has had plenty of media coverage and much interest in his creations because of their unique and beautiful contemporary style.

Why not try something creative yourself? Maybe not an artistic masterpiece but individual creative projects can be fun, productive and a cheaper alternative than buying from the high street! Here’s some great tutorials to get you started on your mission to DIY God(dess).

Send pictures your finished work (or failed project!!) and I’ll be sure to feature them in a future blog.

Take Care,


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