7 Tips To Be Considered before Purchasing a Staple gun or Nail gun

7 Tips To Be Considered before Purchasing a Staple gun or Nail gun

Thought I would talk through a few tips to consider before making a purchase of a stapling or nailing tool. Addressing the many questions customers ask. Like 'how to buy a staple gun' 'when to use a nail gun' 'why wont a staple gun work' 'what type of 'nail gun do I use for wood' 'do I need a gas nailer' where do I buy a stapler or nailer'

1 - Whether you are considering the purchase of a stapler or nailer think what type of operational power is required ie. Hand Operated, Air Powered, (Use of compressor) Electric, Battery or Gas. This decision will undoubtedly be based upon the amount of work to be done. (Hobby, DIY or business) For a professional workshop environment or small business air is definitely the most reliable source of power. These tools are more reliable and very easy to service. Gas and electric tools are most suited to use away from the workshop where use of a compressor or electrics isn’t an option ie. on site work.

2 - Electric and battery tools generally do not deliver enough power to drive longer leg length fasteners especially when using hard woods – So remember although the cordless nailer or stapler may say it fires a fastener up to a certain maximum length it could be limited depending on materials used. If your still unsure contact us and if we don’t know you can send in sample material and we can do a trial and evaluate for you…Simples :)

3 - Another point to be addressed is to look at warranty on purchase and ask the seller to confirm their warranty procedure should there be any problems during that time frame. The dealer may offer warranty cover in house or may have goods returned to the manufacturer/dealer for warranty claims. Also ask about supply and availability of spare parts outside of warranty for service or repair of tool.

4 - A very important point should be that the seller can supply or know of a reliable supplier of fasteners (Staples, Nails) to suit your tool. We’ve had people contact us that have purchased a tool at a bargain price only to find they cannot find fasteners to suit and in some instances found limited or no supply in the UK. This could be because there is a limited supply of fasteners or it is an end of line product. If you do end up in this situation don’t despair we have a “Fastener Match Service” where we will endeavour to take the frustration away and supply or scour the industry to find the elusive fastener.

5 - Above all try and deal with a company that have an open and honest approach. Whether the purchase is face to face or online, raising some of the questions covered here will give you a judgement on their knowledge of product or ability to find out an answer to your query. Remember even online you can pick up the phone or email, their response will give you an idea of their standards – let’s face it if they cannot get it right at the point of purchase imagine when you’ve got a problem………..perish the thought.

6If you’re confused by what type of tool or fastener is required to do the job don’t guess……..it could be a very costly mistake. There are many different tools and fasteners on the market so do your research, there are forums, blogs, social media and mediums like You Tube that can be of immense help – but be wary and ensure it is a trusted source. It is a common mistake that people think tools can take different types of staples or nails, this isn’t the case. Staples have different crown sizes and thicknesses, nails/brads vary in thickness and angles. However what can vary is the length of the fastener applicable to that particular tool. The only exception to the above is a combination tool that takes a staple and nail but these tools will only fire one type of staple and nail. We’ve had cases where people have purchased a stapler for fastening fabric and have purchased a stapler that is designed for attaching wood to wood…. The result is a totally unsuitable tool that is too powerful and fires the fastener straight through the material to be fastened – expensive and frustrating. We see many examples where sellers have listed applications for tools that are simply not suitable. This may of course originate from their lack of knowledge in the industry and they may have copied the manufactures declarations which can be also very misleading.

Also look at the many different manufacturers within the industry. Stanley Bostitch, Poppers Senco, Omer, Arrow, BEA, Rapid, Spotnails and Josef Kihlberg, Tacwise just to name a few. They all have their benefits and drawbacks. All these top brands can be found in My Tool Kit's website a fantastic source of information to assist in your research and purchase – be sure you’re getting information from a trusted source.


  • Remember when considering any points we are always here to help or advise just call and have a chat on 0333 8000 345 or email info@mytoolkit.co.uk We have yet to receive what sometimes customers call a “stupid question” A question is a question and if we don’t know the answer we’ll endeavour to find out and get back. Don’t suffer in silence!!

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