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Types of Staples and Nails and why it's important

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This week, I just want to remind you to of a much welcomed service we offer: The Fastener Match Service. 

We regularly get phone calls from frustrated customers, who really do not know which staple or nail they need. This, mainly due to the fact that each manufacturer applies their own code to each category of Staple or Nail.nail size

An example below outlines the Type 71 Series Staple, commonly used in upholstering. Here, you can see how a code varies between manufactures: 

71 series  3G 7




Confusing or what !?!

We get endless customers contacting us, literally at the end of their tether trying to source or identify a particular fastener. Worse still that they have a jammed or broken a tool, because an incorrect Nail, Pin or Staple has been used with it.

Stop your frustration right here!! All you need to do is give us a call on 0333 8000 345, or fill out our contact form.  Then we can search our extensive stocks or investigate one of our many suppliers to find that Holy Grail!!


Take a look at our fastener match chart here - you might want to save in favourites for future reference.


If you have any codes on the boxes of the fasteners or make/model of tool all the better.

Failing all that you can always send in a sample of the fastener itself, and we will endeavor to unearth the secrets. We promise that if we don't know, we'll ask another man who might!

It’s just a small point to raise this week but very important. Although we’ve been in this industry many years we still get frustrated by the different codes and descriptions used so we appreciate how this can drive you mad!

So don’t suffer just get in contact by telephone 0333 08000 345 or email and we will do the rest.

PS Don't forget we carry 11 lines of stainless steel fasteners (Anti Rust) Nail Range Here. Staples in Stainless Steel Range Here

Or/and Learn 3 ways of making your airtool last longer, with this Download completely FREE of charge on us 😊

Stay relaxed & take care

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PPS: if you know what you want and your ready to order then go to our website hover on products and roll your cursor down to fasteners, then click the area / type you require; or sign up to our Newsletter Here!


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