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The Correct Uses For Narrow Crown Staples 

I was looking recently at what our customers use certain types of staples for and came across a very interesting article on narrow crown staples.

Narrow crown staples are as they say narrow across the crown i.e. the width of the staple approx. 4 – 6mm is where this definition normally falls. 97 Series and 90 Series are two types that are commonly referred to by this phrase.

Floor Laying

Commonly used to lay plywood or hardboard – the narrow crown staple is ideal and divergent point 90 Series are commonly used. Divergent point is when the chisel points on the legs are cut in opposite directions so the leg is twisted on penetration to give maximum holding power.

divergent point

Curved Laminated Strips

Furniture manufacturers sometimes laminate thin strips of wood in a curved form and the narrow crown staple can be used in simple curvatures instead of using clamps – saving time and freeing up clamps for other work.

Clever Ways to Use a Narrow Crown Staple Gun

In the photo above you can see the staple is fired through a piece of wood securing the curved laminate whilst the glue sets then the piece of wood and staples are then removed for application of the next strip.

Spraying small items

The photo below illustrates how staples have been fired through a piece of wood extending beyond the thickness and when pushed back through they will all sit at a uniform height. This then enables small pieces of work to be sprayed evenly and drips do not glue the piece to the surface.

Figure 1

Drying Two Wet Surfaces

To assist in stacking two wet surfaces for drying you can fire a staple through a piece of hardboard and push the staple back through so it’s approx. mid way.

Standing the pieces on end putting thin spacer strips on the floor use a stapled piece to hold the face off the wall and then continue in between further work pieces.

drying two wet surfaces

Hanging Coats

I heard once about a workshop manager that was so fed up with joiners leaving coats lying around that he used the very versatile narrow crown staple to staple all the coats to the wall. I wouldn’t recommend it but I think the point was clearly made!!

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