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Safety systems on Staplers and Nailers

March 04, 2016

Health and safety for air tools

Hi Chuck again,

Safety systems on staplers and nailers is a subject that, quite honestly, is very rarely discussed and often skipped over so I thought I’d share a few points about the safety mechanisms that can be found on your tools.

Staple Guns

The two most popular means of preventing accidental firing of the tool are the nose safety arm and secondary trigger.

PT50 Safety Arm

Nose Safety Arm on a PT50 Stapler

Above you can see the commonly found safety arm that has to be pushed back (when making contact with the work surface) for the staple to fire. On some larger staplers this safety arm may have an adjustment so you can adjust the depth of drive of the staple.

Secondary Trigger

Secondary Trigger

The images above show two types of secondary safety triggers which have to be operated first for the trigger to be fired. The first image shows the design where there is a small catch where in the other image the Bostitch tool has a more profound secondary safety trigger. The types of safety trigger have the same principle – it all depends of the tool design.

Please note that if the stapler cannot not fire a staple 25mm or longer then there may be no safety feature on the tool.

Nail Guns

The safety mechanism on brad nailers is similar to the stapler safety arm and (depending on manufacturer) may incorporate an adjustable depth of drive.

Brad Nailer Safety Arm

Safety arm on a Brad Nailer

Coil Nailers and Strip Nailers also have a similar safety which has to depressed before firing the tool.

Nail Gun Safety Arm

Left: Coil Nail Gun Safety Arm Right: Strip Nail Gun Safety Arm

The safety on this strip nailer also includes an adjustable depth of drive.

Hopefully Steve’s video above has summarised what I’ve just said and you have some familiarity on this subject. Any questions at all feel free to contact the team at MyToolkit on 0333 8000 345.

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Until next time,

Take Care,

chuck blue



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