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10 Important Tips To Implement When Using Air Staplers And Nailers

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The increased use of air operated staplers and nail guns undoubtedly saves time, but unfortunately, increase risk. The tools have the ability to fire several fasteners per second at high velocity which causes numerous safety hazards.

To minimise risk please ensure the following safe working practices:

  • Always check the tool before use. Do not use a tool that is faulty.
  • Check timber surfaces for knots and nails that may cause the fastener to recoil or ricochet.
  • For placement work ensure your hands are at least 12 inches away from the firing point of the tool.
  • Always fire the tool away from your body and not towards fellow workers.
  • Never bypass or disable tool safety features
  • Use appropriate safety equipment
  • Take your finger off the trigger when holding or carrying the tool.
  • Never drag the tool by the airline or lower from above.
  • Never overreach especially when working at height.
  • Always disconnect the air line when:
    • Passing the tool to another person.
    • Clearing jammed fasteners.
    • Performing tool maintenance.
    • Leaving the tool unattended.
    • Travelling up and down ladders or stairs.

Major risks when using air Staplers/Nailers:

  • Double Fire can occur when using a contact trigger and the user does not react and release the trigger when tool comes quickly in repeat contact with the work surface.
  • Bypassing Safety Mechanisms by operators causing tools to fire without being in contact with the work surface.
  • Accidental Firing can occur when the operator holds the tool with trigger depressed then accidently operates the tool by pressing the safety arm against a work surface or part of the body.
  • Fastener Penetration or Ricochet can occur when the fastener is longer than the material being fixed or comes into contact with a knot or solid objects in the material.

Have a look at this video it makes you cringe but makes you think!!

These tools will undoubtedly save time and money but treat them with appropriate caution and you’ll get many years of safe working.

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