Flooring Nailer Kit - compressor and nailer from mytoolkit

Flooring Nailer Kit

Flooring Nailer Kit - amazing 

Let’s look this week at our floor nailing kit. It comes complete with all you need – just add nails!!…..even got it’s own wheeled box for compressor storage.

Flooring Kit

Flooring Kit

The Compressor

A 2HP oil free compressor that is available in either 240v or 110v. This design of compressor is ideal if you are constantly loading on and off vehicles and transporting around site – the air reservoir is in the framework so it gives protection to the motor, regulator and pressure dials. How many times have you seen that new compressor receive damage to those pressure gauges in just a few journeys? Just to give extra protection and portability the supplied wheeled box just makes shipping even easier.

Air Line

A 10Mtr air line supplied with Uni-Flow quick release couplings.

The Nailer

The SCN45 Coil Nailer firing nails to a maximum length of 50mm but more importantly fires nails as small as 19mm – ideal for fixing thin plywood onto flooring batons. This tool can fire 15 degree wire and plastic collated nails – smallest wire collated length 22mm and plastic collated nails are available 19mm – 28mm. The operator can select single or multi shot and importantly have an adjustable depth of nail drive which is so important when fastening very thin boarding.

In summary this is an amazing bit of kit that gives you all you need to complete that job smartly and efficiently. Presenting excellent value, I give this value kit a 4 1/2 Star Chuck Rating.

Chuck rating 4.5

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