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Fine Wire Upholstery Staples

Posted by Steve Pollock on March 04, 2016 . 0 Comments

Upholstery Staples Fine Wire 

Hi again,

This week I thought I’d explain a little about fine wire upholstery staples. There are two types most commonly found in the industry 71 Series and 80 Series.

Both types are fired through air operated staplers and vary in leg length from 4mm to 16mm maximum – the most popular size for general upholstery work tends to be 10mm. Shorter lengths are used when the piece being recovered is thinner for example window pelmets and car door panels. Although most suppliers start the leg length sizes at 4mm we do stock the Type 71 Series in 3mm. (Ideal for use on 3mm board) like door cards

71 Series Staple Dimensions

71 Series Staple Dimensions

Out of the two types mentioned the 71 series is definitely the most popular – 22 gauge fine wire galvanised with a 9mm crown. Our box quantities are 20,000 with the exception of 3mm, 14mm & 16mm which are 10,000 per box.

We also have a selection of sizes available in Stainless Steel ideal for exterior work, boat building etc.

80 Series Staple dimensions

80 Series Staple dimensions

The 80 series type is 21 gauge (slightly thicker wire than the 71 series) galvanised with a 12.8mm crown. The larger crown and slightly thicker gauge helps when fixing very fine materials such as vinyl and breathable membrane. Box quantities are 10,000 for all sizes.

Again this type of staple is available in selected sizes in Stainless Steel. Perfect for upholstery outdoors, like boat furniture  or when fixing of breathable membrane.

I hope the above and video have answered a common question we get – “What is the difference between 71 and 80 series staples?” Click here and order yours now

Until next week,

Take care,

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