1st & 2nd Fix Nail Fuel Packs explained by mytoolkit

1st & 2nd Fix Nail Fuel Packs

1st & 2nd Fix Nail Fuel Packs

Hi Chuck again,

I want to point out this week our fantastically priced nail/fuel packs. Whether it’s for 1st or 2nd fix joinery – we stock them both. Produced by Senco they offer excellent quality at a very, very competitive price.

Senco 1st Fix Fuel Pack

Senco 1st Fix Nail Fuel Pack

1st Fix Nail/Fuel Packs.

Whether you call them nail gas packs they are the same. Complete with 34 degree clipped head nails and gas these conveniently sized packs are suitable for Paslode, Senco, BEA Dynamic, Hitachi, Rawl and Max tools.

Available in convenient packs of 2,000 nails + 2 gas fuel cells they are available from 50mm to 90mm in length.

Senco 2nd Fix Brad Fuel Pack

Senco 2nd Fix Brad Fuel Pack

2nd Fix Brad/Fuel Packs.

These brad gas packs are again produced by Senco with a convenient quantity of 2,000 brads and 2 fuel cells. These are straight 1.6G Galvanised Brads available from 32mm to 63mm.

Need good quality fasteners at competitive prices then look no further.

Happy Days!

chuck blue


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1st & 2nd Fix Nail Fuel Packs

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