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Upholstery Staples

Posted by Steve Pollock on March 04, 2016 . 0 Comments

Staples for Upholstery 

Thought I’d talk a little this week about upholstery staples for attaching fabric with air operated staplers. There are mainly two types in the industry referred to as 71 Series and 80 Series. In a simplistic form they are both fine wire staples ideal for attaching fabric but differ slightly on the following points:

  • Crown width (Measurement across the top of the staple) for 71 Series it’s 9mm and for 80 Series it’s 12.8mm
  • Thickness (Gauge) 71 Series is 22 Gauge and 80 Series is 21 Gauge (Slightly thicker)

Another point to consider if you are choosing which stapler to purchase and consequently which staples you’ll be using is the costing of these fasteners.

Our Type 71 Series are boxed in quantities of 20,000 for all sizes up to 12mm leg length and 10,000 for 14 & 16mm whereas the 80 Series are all boxed in quantities of 10,000. A true refection is to divide the price by the box quantity to get the price per thousand.

Both types have leg lengths up to 16mm, but we now stock a 71 Series in 3mm which again may influence your decision if stapling into very thin board. (e.g. when refurbing car door panels)

If the materials you are fixing are very fine, you may wish to consider the 140 Series (Arrow T50). This type has a crown of 10.6mm a leg length 6mm – 12mm and is has a flat gauge wire. This helps the staple to rest on the material and not guillotine or break it.

Incidentally all staples are supplied in a Galvanised finish but we do stock some types/sizes in Stainless Steel – for exterior work, boat building etc.

Hope this was of some benefit and remember – if in doubt give us a shout!

Always glad to help and advise.

Take care,

chuck blue


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