Different Types Of Coil Nails Explained by the team at mytoolkit

The Different Types Of Coil Nails Explained 

Different Types Of Coil Nails Explained 

Having received yet another phone call to our office this week from a confused gentleman because of the different types of coil nails – I thought we should try and give some clarity.

The most common type of coil nail is wire collated (nails held together with two lines of wire) and there are two types:

  1. Flat
  2. Domed/ conical

Flat coils are as it says on the tin. Flat on the top of the coil and yes you’ve guessed it the Conical or Domed are tapered up from the outer to the centre of the coil. Often this can cause confusion because people assume that their nails are flat because the head of the nail is flat – but this refers to how the coil looks when it is wound.

Flat and Conical Coil Nails

Left: Flat Coil Nails                                        Right: Conical/Domed Coil Nails

The problem is that in general coil nailers either take one type or the other with the exception of models like the Tacwise FCN50LHH which can take both nail typesl.

The telephone call we received this week was from a flooring contractor who had bought his nail gun online from a company who do not supply the nails – a quick search for nails and hey presto found a different supplier for the supply of wire collated coil nails………sorted!!

Unfortunately not………. as the coil nailer was for flat and he had purchased conical nails – result constant jamming and misfiring of tool and he ended up totally frustrated and resorting to the good old hammer. (Lost time and money)

The reason for this is the wire on the different types of nail is positioned in different positions and therefore do not sit correctly in the feeder system. Well, at least he found us on the web and we were able to put things right :)

Just needed to share this with you as the industry doesn’t explain this simple but important point.

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I hope this was of value.

Speak again soon,

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I need some 2.5/2.8 × 70mm replacement coil nails for Clarke 15% con 15 air nailer



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