Air Lines & Quick release Couplings – Explained

March 04, 2016

Air Lines & Quick release Couplings – Explained

We get loads of calls from hobby enthusiasts to professionals on the subject of quick-release couplings – the confusion on what fittings they already have or what they require. Well hopefully I can touch on this with two of the most common fittings used in the trade and supplied by ourselves.

First of all, quick release couplings are preferred for disconnection of the airline from the compressor and also at the business end – the stapler/nail gun.

When moving smaller compressors, disconnection of the airline makes life easier – you don’t want to be tripping over trailing airlines!! With regards to the business end the stapler/nail gun can be disconnected if you have fastener jams, require general maintenance or tool is simply not in use.

The two most popular fittings are PCL & Uni Hi Flow, shown in the accompanying images below. The PCL is on the left (slim long one) The Uni Hi Flow on the right (short stubby one)

We will send out staplers/nailers with both of these fittings if the customer has not stated which type they use. (my suggestion by the way even if it does cost us more) There’s nothing more frustrating than getting your new purchase and then disappointingly needing the correct fitting to be up and running.

Left - PCL Coupling Right - Uni Hi Flow Fitting

PCL Fittings Uni Hi Flow Fittings

The couplings are fitted to the compressor and the tool end of the airlines – when disconnected they automatically shut off the airflow. These days most compressors tend to be supplied with the Uni Hi-Flow type and we supply the airlines to suit in ready-made lengths of 5 metres, 10 metres, 15 metres and a retractable airline.

FERM Retractable and 15M Airline

Retractable Airline 15 Metre Airline

Just a tip if you work generally in close proximity of the compressor use the smallest airline possible so as not to cause interference, trip hazards etc. remember: you can always add the airlines together to extend as and when required.

Some couplings (Standard airflow type) just require the male fitting to be pushed in but other types (Vertex) have a protective shoulder that is pulled back to enable the male attachment – best used when extending lines along the ground so they don’t disconnect accidentally when being moved. Sudden air rush and whipping hose isn’t something recommended, remember I’ve got that hairstyle to look after!!!

Well I hope this added a little clarity and until next weeks blockbuster!!

If you need to see more this subject then read Airline Fittings Explained. Require a good quality airline then click here. Or go to the home pagefor a choice of 10 quality branded air tools and fastenings. When ordering any of our nail guns or staple guns simply state the fitting you require in the notes section (either HI Flow or PCL) and we will fit one on to the tool completely FREE of charge for you. 

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