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Its all about Summer...bringing the outdoors in & vice versa

Posted by Steve Pollock on June 22, 2017 . 0 Comments

Hi there

Well, well what another glorious week.....☀️ the small court yard type (nothing glamorous!) here at Stapling and Nailing Towers, has been like sitting by the pool in an exotic country. Except we haven't been sitting  and we are in Stoke on Trent 😆

Without further ado, I thought, you might like to see some more really nice (in my opinion) outdoor ideas for the garden and house. Don't forget to send us some pics of your achievements. 

First up: how to build a small table which doubles as a mini garden. For this project you will need:

1-inch x 6-inch cedar, 8-feet long, 2 - Pneumatic finish nailer 3 -Galvanized finish nails
4 - Wood glue 5 -Circular saw  6 - Measuring tape  7 - Clamp  8 - Sanding pad  9 -  Stain   10 - Wood filler  11 - Polyurethane finish  12 - Paint brush  13  Plants  14 - Potting soil
15 - Small rocks

Next: A beginners Guide to Kitchen extensions from Houzz. Included this as the theme is all about bringing the light in. Some of these are to an acquired taste, I agree, but for most, I think there are some crackers. Really liking how the writer refers to the 'flow'

A Beginner's Guide to Kitchen Extensions

A guide on sliding doors, designed to bring the outside in.Liking the case in Oxford, where the lower floor has been utilized so very well. Again, one from Houzz

 10 Stunning Sliding-door Extensions That Bring the Outside in

Thought,  this one was a good one to finish off with - Down to practicalities hey! How to hide the many bins we have these days.

How to Disguise Rubbish Bins and Recycling Bins Outside Your Home

Until next time enjoy your weekend greatly.
Take care for now: 
PS: Don't forget, where you can get the elusive stainless steel fastenings from,  from us of course   😁 Necessary if you are fixing outdoors or working with woods containing high levels of tannin. 

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