Mytoolkit looks in to how safe pallets are for re use

Are Pallets Safe For Re-Use?

Are Pallets Safe For Re-Use

We are seeing more and more use of recycling of pallets and some of our own blogs have promoted some fantastic ideas.

Firstly, make sure that nothing has contaminated the pallets as some may have been used for transportation of chemicals and hazardous materials.

Another Fantastic Pallet Wood Creation

Markings on pallets are also an important reference, generally in Europe there are two main types of pallet markings EPAL or EUR if pallets are from outside Europe then they carry other markings which should be researched as they could have been treated with pesticides.

Apparently the ones marked EUR are from an old system but if they are marked also as EPAL they can be safely used.

Generally the pallets used in Europe are only Heat Treated as chemical treatment is not allowed.

If you are not sure then do not use but research, be safe and enjoy your creativity.

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