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Just how many Stapler & Nailer brands do you want!

Arrow, Rapid, Bostitch, Senco,Tacwise, Omer, BeA, Josef Khilberg, Spotnails Maestri, Fasco, Ace & K, Paslode and more

Hello again

Yes just how many brands do we need??? 

Is it excessive? Could we make life easier? (for us!).  As you are most likely aware, we are authorised to supply all of the premium brands named above. Which at times, can seem to be a bit of a handful. Especially in view of the fact that across these brands, we deal with Hand, Electric and Air staple Guns, Gas Nailers as well as Air Nail Guns and often cherry pick what we know will be the very best tools for our customers.

Oh and then there's the fasteners........

Examples include: 23 Gauge Headless pins, leg lengths range from 12mm through to 40 mm. Available in 3 finishes: Liquor, Galvanised or Stainless Steel.

71 Series leg lengths from 3mm to 16mm. Finish options: Galvanised. Stainless Steel and Black. By the way not everyone supplies the 3mm

Across the board and on the whole, there is a lot going on! and with that we are constantly looking at methods to try and reduce over complicating the message to our customers. Difficult task 😕 whilst keeping up with the actual brands, their development and news...

So....we do question and evaluate our business model from time to time.

One of the methods we use, is to observe your feedback. To this effect we have learnt some valuable lessons. Especially around  the wide range of brands, tools and fasteners on offer. The conclusion currently, is that YOU Think we are doing the right thing!

3  Main Reasons:

1) Some customers are loyal to one brand and prefer to stay with that manufacturer

2) Others like to try different or new brands than the ones they have used previous

3) Less commercial orientated customers feel comfortable ordering  from  us as well as high turnover operations - stating they like the range of tools available

In conclusion: apparently, you like things just the way they are 😌

It may seem conflicting and even confusing at first glance, but its really not.

Quite simply, it all amounts to the fact that you (the customer) wants choice

Please feel welcome to tell us different, as we can only go off what is told to us.

Nevertheless, we still recognise the complexities around this business So here is a short video giving a brief overview on what the varying brands tend to specialise in. 


In case you have forgotten how to get to the brands. Hover on the Product Tab then under the heading Manufactures to the right 

Need any advice then call us on 0333 8000 345 or drop us a line here 

Until next time, ta ra


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