Bad News & Good News! 7 steps to Prevent your Fence from Rotting

Bad News & Good News! 7 steps to Prevent your Fence from Rotting

The bad news is that they rot! the better news is that with a few easy steps, you can help prolong the life of your fence. 


I saw this post a short time ago and thought  to myself, I know who this would be useful for. The majority of our customers! as I know they like to do things them selves. 

Interestingly the information focuses on whats going on below ground as much as above (you don't always hear about that bit), Good tip on using 'Hit and Miss' fencing too.

With all the credit going to Wood Finishes Direct, for their highly informative blog. I also thought that you could make use of the following video. How to Repair a Fence.

Wood Finishes Direct, seem to have it 'cracked' when it comes to finishes, their range certainly looks extensive - See here

Don't ever overlook the role Stainless Steel Nails, have here. A little more on the spend but so much saved in the long run. We here at My Tool Kit have heard all the bad luck stories of when the use of Galvanised Nails have left such a mess, that the job has needed to be re done....😩 

                                Tip: What is a coil nailer?

Have a great weekend and productive week ahead from us here at Stapling and Nailing Supplies



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PS keep your eyes peeled for the tool series posters. They will be starting very soon. 

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