Update on Make The Most Of Challenge Chuck and win an iPad Mini 16G

Update on Make The Most Of Challenge Chuck and win an iPad Mini 16G

Hello again all,

Remember our challenge for that competition which seems way back in time now? The European Championship you know the one which once again caused England fans humiliation! Not so for Wales though eh! Well done to them I say. 

Not feeling so smug myself as our gaffer won the mini iPad!!! Yes, and it arrived today via a Senco representative - just look at that smug look on Steve's face. One complaint though, that Denis (the rep from Senco) overlooked presenting the football which is part of the prize for coming in the first 50. Difficult to kick a football from the sofa, Governor? 


Let us know if you managed to get anywhere with this one yourself.

From the photo you can see some of the fossils (aside from Dennis and the Gaffer) that we have displayed in our reception here at MyToolKit Towers. Everyone comments on them who comes in to our reception. This is something Chloe our valued member of staff suggested and arranged. 

Hope your weekend proves to be a good restful one (those who are not working of course) Heard on the radio yesterday that there is a heat wave is upon us...hmmmm 

Just in case you forgot the original communication (why should you!) on the competition, it is below for reference.

Otherwise as Poppers Senco aren’t too bad at manufacturing Stapling and Nailing Guns (that’s why we have them on our range) and that’s what all the fuss has been about this morning. Here is a link to their products. In case you want to know more about their range and quality


The European Championship is nearly upon us and Poppers Senco, one of our major suppliers have kindly put forward a free to enter competition where you can win the following:

1st Place   iPad Mini 16G

2nd Place   Fitbit Charge HR

The first 50 applications also receive a Senco football and as we write this there are plenty still up for grabs.

Challenge Chuck

You’ll see my entry under Mytoolkit and if you finish above me we’ll also give you a £50.00 voucher to use against any future purchases.

So to challenge Chuck after registering with Poppers- Senco below send me an email at chuck@mytoolkit.co.uk with your username and let the challenge begin.

The gaffer (Steve) won the World Cup competition in 2014 and bagged a 40” TV.... Lucky Bugger.

Want to try your luck?

Click here :- https://www.mypoule.nl/stand/01stand.php?s=yes&toer=ek&id=31&lang=English

and register for free by following the steps below.

Login and click “Play with Sub-Group” on Open tournament European Championship 2016.

  1. Search Sub-Group Poppers Senco UK and click the Sub-Group
  2. You need a key to enter the group. The key is: PoppersUK
  3. After logging in you will see “My predictions” on the left middle side, when you click this button a menu will open where you can fill in the scores in the pool, after completion you can fill in the finals.

All of this has to be done before the 10th of June – entering after this date will exclude you from the competition.

For more Stapling and Nailing news, enter your details here so you'll never miss an update!

Good Luck!!

chuck blue

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