Christmas social media round up - home making ideas

December 02, 2016

christmas home making ideas shared by mytoolkit

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We thought that you wouldn't like to miss out on our social media shares from the last couple of weeks. As there are some fabulous (we feel) Christmas decor ideas which you could actually make. 

















Alternative Christamas tree - One of the team here did something similar a few years ago - effective:

Christmas tree



OK, so were bound to like this one! perhaps not for the home, but not bad for a workshop joiners etc: Made out of pallet woodChristmas tree

Modern home made Christmas tree - we think this is quite effective. Made out of plywood this one can be stored and re used: 

Christmas Tree








Home made mini gift parcels- fairly easy to do and a nice effect. You need the following;

1 .200gsm A4 size colored papers
2. Corrugated cardboard
3. Twines/ribbons/strings
4. Scissors
5. Stick glue/double side tape
6. Ruler
7. Cutter Knife
8. Paper scorer
9. Cutting mat

Christmas Presents

Easy one to makeand very nice Christmas wreath we feel!  Only need scarfing or tulle. 
Scissors, Wire and thin wire (could use a coat hanger)  or tape

Christmas decorations







Finally this one is a classic, albeit not as straightforward as the ones above. Driftwoodfurniture what a lovely and so very different Christmas decoration. We feel that you could use bracken or other bits of wood for this one also:

Christmas model





Hoping you liked these as much as we did. We shared them on some of our social media channels. But we know that not everyone follows us, hence we wanted to share them with you, our highly valued customers


Ta, ra Until next time thumbs up

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