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Fastener Myths - The Clue Is In The Title!

Fastener Myths

Thought I’d talk this week about the biggest myth surrounding staples and nails – it is that “one size fits all” 

We receive numerous calls from customers requesting staples and nails thinking that the leg length is the only thing that distinguishes different staples or nails – well it isn’t – there are numerous types, references, leg lengths, thicknesses, type of finish all to confuse you, us and everybody else for that matter!

various staples

I’ve written a trilogy of blogs on different types of staplesnails and brads/ pins.

There are many types, sizes, finishes and in some cases even colours. To try and assist we do offer what we call our fastener match service presented by the gaffer.

If you are still struggling, just give us a call on 0333 8000 345

Ideally the following information will be of help:

  • Code on box of fasteners
  • Make and model of fastening tool
  • Dimensions of fasteners

We cannot promise to find the elusive fastener but as agents for all the major manufacturers we’ll give it a damn good go!!

Go on give us a try.

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