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Well another up and down week, weather wise here.  

Just a quick update from us here at Stapling and Nailing Supplies. As I wanted to share some of the ideas I came across this week. 

Installing furniture in the garden, is not always best value for money in the UK. So just check this one out, pretty nice if you have some pallets on hand, or you could always obtain a few from somewhere, they are quite easy to get hold of. Fairly straightforward to make if you have moderate skills.


Pallet L Shaped Sofa for patio coach 


Some really stunning methods to upgrade various areas of your house here:

31 DIY Projects That Will Make Your House Look Amazing 




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Important! We are currently working on a series of posters, to cover uses for many of our Nailer's and Stapler's. Plan to start this chain at the end of August. So look out for these as you will be able to save them. Ready for such times when you are in the position where you need to purchase a tool. 

Until next time, have a great weekend

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