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A little Friday Home Improvement fun; with Tim the Toolman Taylor and Al

Hello everyone, Chuck here at MyToolKit Towers.  Hoping your week has gone well. Ours has been another busy one. 

We like a giggle here (when we get time!) so with out further ado, I thought I would share one of the Amusing mix’s of Home Improvement with Tim the Tool Man Taylor and Al.

If you haven't seen the programme, take a look at this 4 minute mix of DIY  fun. If you are already a fan of Tim and Al, you will appreciate it anyway: 

Home Improvement - Al's Funniest Moments 

Als measured up….  Tim will be cutting it with his trusty tubular hack saw, "Gosh I have had this a long time"....

tim and al

"The old faithful wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world, life long companion, memories………..what is it Al?"

Scroll down for the video

Here  it is in full! Approximately 4 minutes in duration 

"Come on fruit ball lets get our award…." Made me smile, think I will adopt this term for some folk I know!

Hope this has lightened things up and leads you to a pleasant weekend (assuming you are not working)

Who knows we may get another lovely weekend like the last one.

So until the next time…

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A little Friday Home Improvement fun; with Tim the Toolman Taylor and AlBest of Luck Chuck   

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