MyToolkit guide on servicing your air stapler

Easy Guide on How to Service Your Air Staple Gun

Thought I'd dig out an instructional this week on how to service your air stapler. It's such an important thing that everyone with an air tool should know! Hope you all enjoy!
  • Firstly, ensure you have a clean, dry air and correct air pressure

Too high air pressure will cause the damper to break up. Too low air pressure will not allow the driver of the tool to return.

        Oil your tool

  • Oil your tool through the quick release connector at the back. Just one or two drops is fine.

This will allow lubricant air mixture to flow around the tool

        Take off the head cap to access the cylinder

  • Take off the head cap to access the cylinder, driver assembly and rubber damper

You may need to tap the tool on a piece of wood to get the parts out.

  • Inspect parts for damage and clean debris and dirt

        Remove magazine and check

  • Remove the magazine and check the spring tension on the magazine assembly and feed shoe.

    Watch the video for full instructions!

    Hope this casts some light on how to look after your air stapler.

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