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Fancy working with us on some customers show cases?

December 09, 2016

Contact us about getting your business featured in the mytoolkit blog

Hello again.

Again on the run up to Christmas, I didnt want to talk work type things, because I know how distracted everyone can be at this time of year. So I thought you would like you to know about something of mutual interest, due to start in 2017 .........

Knowing that we could all do with a little extra publicity from time to time. I have come up with a cunning plan ! Well actually its something we have done before but are now going to do better.

All to often people and businesses purchase product, then never hear from the vendor again. This is NOT our philosophy as you have most likely experienced we really do carry through.

What is the cunning plan  ?  how will it benefit me? I hear you ask. Well very simply, in the new year we are going to re start 'Customer Showcases' These will link from our home page. If you have a website, you will understand that home pages really are premium spaces. We are currently (well not me, but Chloe!)  working on installing some software which will should permit use extra space for this feature.

One by one, (unsure of the time span at this stage) we will feature you and your project or work piece on our front page. This will  link to further information. Good isnt it?

WHY? Why not, seems the to be the logical answer here, as some of our customers who have featured in the past, have gained more sales as a result ofbeing part of previous Customer Show Cases. You get exposure, in turn helping our potential customers understand how things work in this very confusing industry.  Winner Winner!

 How do you apply? Easy!

  • Request a Customer Show Case Form. By emailing  or you can use our contact us form on the website: 
  • Meanwhile start preparing your self/selves by:
  • Taking before and after photographs of any work in progress
  • An image of yourself or another holding or working with the tool you purchased from us. (If you have bought staples or nails then just take a shot of those)
  • Note a few words about what it is your doing and what the end result was. Perhaps any challenges you encountered along the way
  • Alternatively you can send a video to us

Important: if you don't want to put your beautiful face on camera, then stick to the product and project only and just say a little more in your summary


Oh and dont worry if you have nothing suitable in the pipe line just now, you can apply at any time in the future. Advice to get your form now though, so you are all ready to go! To:  or use our online contact form 

NB:Projects can be large or small – we find most things interesting

So get get thinking and planning and get your self a little publicity .... 


Look forward to working with you in the new year

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Kind Regards ( and all the very best with that Christmas shopping ...urgh!)



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