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How to Find the Right Manufacturer for you Staple or Nail Gun - INFOGRAPH

How to Find the Right Manufacturer for you Staple or Nail Gun

This week, the my toolkit team decided to get creative and start putting together some charts to make choosing a manufacturer, stapler, nailer and everything else a whole lot easier.

We all got together on Monday morning and thrashed our ideas around. (Over a bacon butty and a brew, of course) I got the final task of creating the final design, no pressure there then! Since I am the company design expert, I had to take one for the team – literally.

Why? I hear you ask. Well, we are a trusted supplier to all major manufacturers and have been  for over 20 years and there has always been confusion over what tools are right for big businesses, small enterprises or home improvers – and we wanted to make it easy to find what staple or nail gun is right for the job.

After all, we are the one stop shop for nail guns and staple guns!

Questions we often get asked are: which brand of tool do I need for the job I need to perform? Will the tool be sufficient?  Could I get away with a less high performance tool? Or quite simply people want to know the difference between the applications i.e. which tool does what?

The difference between a heavy duty user and a semi professional, or someone who is home improving and only requires a staple gun  for lighter use.

So here’s the first installment with our wheel of manufacturers – let us know what you think in the comments or you can always email your response over to us! On


Any constructive feedback will be welcomed and appreciated to help us help you, and our other customers

Keep your eyes peeled for more infographics and charts to come in the future.

Meanwhile if you need to refresh yourself on what the different brands have to offer in the way of tools, then just click on the logos on our website:


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